Excel AVERAGE function


The Excel AVERAGE function calculates the average value from a set of user provided values, cells, and/or ranges. The AVERAGE function is one of the most popular statistical Excel functions. The cells and ranges do not have to be contiguous.


=AVERAGE(number1, [number2], …)

Arguments (inputs)

number1 = the first number to be included in the average calculation, can be either a number, cell reference, or range reference

number2 = [optional] all additional numbers to be included in the average calculation are optional

Return value

The AVERAGE formula returns the mathematical average of all of the numbers, cells, and/or ranges in the form of a single number.


Excel AVERAGE function example

In the example above the AVERAGE formula in cell N10 calculates average of the range of cells between K6:K35, which is the average height (in inches) of the example dataset.


The resulting average of the range is returned in cell N10, 66.4 (inches).