Excel CONCATENATE function


The Excel CONCATENATE function combines multiple text strings into a single text string.

This function is useful for creating unique identifiers for a data set, such as part numbers.


=CONCATENATE(text1, [text2], [text3], …)

Arguments (inputs)

text1 = the first text string to combine, can be a value or cell reference

text2 = [optional] the second text string to combine, can be a value or cell reference

Only one text argument is required but many can be added.

Return value

The CONCATENATE function returns a single text string that is the combination of the text strings provided as inputs.

Pro Tip: The resulting text string will not include spaces or any other character between the text strings, but separators can easily be added as additional inputs in the CONCATENATE function.


Excel CONCATENATE function example

In the example above the CONCATENATE function returns the combination of three input text strings in cell M6.

  1. “Furiture” from the cell reference F6
  2. ” – ” which provides a space, dash, and space between the first and third text strings
  3. “Bookcases” from the cell reference G6

=CONCATENATE(F6, ” – “, G6)

In this example the CONCATENATE function returns “Furniture – Bookcases”.