Excel functions help you quickly analyze information. There are many types of Excel functions including Math, Financial, Text, Logical, Lookup, Statistics, and more!

There are many different types of functions for different purposes:

Mathematical functions

Functions that perform math and operations.

  • SUM – adds numerical values from user input, cells, and/or ranges
  • SUMIF – adds numerical values from a range of cells when a condition is true
  • SUMIFS – adds numerical values from a range of cells when certain condition(s) are true
  • SUMPRODUCT – adds the numerical sum of a product of array(s)
  • ROUND – rounds a number to a specified number of digits
  • ROUNDUP – rounds a number up to a specified number of digits
  • ROUNDDOWN – rounds a number down to a specified number of digits

Lookup and reference functions

Functions that will lookup and find a cell or value based on criteria.

Statistical functions

Functions that perform statistical calculations

Logical functions

Functions that test logical statements

Text functions

Functions that manipulate text fields

Date and time functions

Functions useful for managing and calculating time.

  • HOUR – returns the hour of the day
  • DATE – returns a number that represents a date
  • DAY – returns the day of the month
  • MONTH – returns the month of the year
  • YEAR – returns the year

Array functions – coming soon.

Financial functions

Functions useful for calculating loan or investment performance, payments, interest rates, and other details.

  • PMT – calculates the payment for a loan
  • RATE – calculates the interest rate for a period for a loan or investment
  • PV – calculates the present value of a loan or investment
  • FV – calculates the future value of a loan or investment
  • NPER – calculates the number of periods for a loan or investment
  • NPV – calculates the net present value of an investment
  • IRR – calculates the internal rate of return of an investment

Error handling functions

Functions that help you manage errors in Excel.

Excel reference – coming soon

Functions that reference workbooks, worksheets, and cells.