Excel IFERROR function


The Excel IFERROR function returns a specified value if the expression is an error. The IFERROR function is an Excel logical and error handling function.


=IFERROR(value, value_if_error)

Arguments (inputs)

value = any value, expression, or reference

value_if_error = any value, expression, or reference to be returned if the value returns an error

Return value

The IFERROR function returns the value if the value returns a non-error or the value_if_error if the value returns an error.


Excel IFERROR function example

In the example above the IFERROR functions in column I return either the value or the value_if_error. For the IFERROR function in cell I8, D8*E8 returns an error because cell D8 is non-numeric and cannot be multiplied, so the value_if_error, “” (blank), is returned in cell I8.

=IFERROR(D8*E8, “”)

The result returned is “” (blank).