Excel ISERR function


The Excel ISERR function determines whether a value is an error and returns TRUE if an error or FALSE if not an error. The ISERR function is an Excel error handling function.

The ISERR function is very similar to the ISERROR function, however ISERR does not check for the error type #N/A, while the ISERROR function does.



Arguments (inputs)

value = any value to be tested, can be a cell reference, formula, or value

Return value

The ISERR function returns TRUE if the value is an error (#VALUE!, #REF!, #DIV/0!, #NUM!, #NAME?, or #NULL!) or FALSE if the value is not an error.

Note, the ISERR function does not check for the error type #N/A.


Excel ISERR function example

In the example above the ISERR functions in column H return either TRUE or FALSE, depending on if the values are errors or not. The ISERR value references in column H are checking for errors in the order totals of column F.

The ISERR function in cell H8 checks for an error in cell F8. Cell F8 has a #VALUE! error, so ISERR returns TRUE.


The result returned is TRUE, because cell F8 is an error (#VALUE!).