Excel RIGHT function


The Excel RIGHT function returns a specified number of characters from the end (right side) of a text string.


=RIGHT(text, [num_chars])

Arguments (inputs)

text = the text string

num_chars = [optional] the number of characters to return from the end (right) of the string (if blank, the default is 1 character)

Return value

The RIGHT function returns a text string with the specified number of characters as defined by the num_chars. If the num_chars is left blank, then 1 character will be returned.


Excel RIGHT function example

In the example above the RIGHT function returns eight characters, defined by num_char = 8, from the text in cell E6, the product ID “”FUR-BO-10001798”.

=RIGHT(E6, 8)

In this example the right function will return the numerical portion of the product ID. The result returned is “10001798”.