Excel SUMPRODUCT function


The Excel SUMPRODUCT function multiplies an array by another array(s) and sums the results. The SUMPRODUCT function is useful for finding the total price where there are multiple quantities of different items. The SUMPRODUCT function is an Excel mathematical function.


=SUMPRODUCT(array1, [array2], [array3], [array4], …)

Arguments (inputs)

array1 = an array (or range) from 2 to 255 cells

array2, array3, array 4, … = an array (or range) from 2 to 255 cells

Note: all arrays must have the same dimensions

Return value

The SUMPRODUCT function returns the mathematical sum of the products of the array(s) provided in the form of a single number.


Excel SUMPRODUCT formula example

In the example above the SUMPRODUCT formula multiples the values in array1 (D6:D16) with the values in array2 (E6:E16) and sums the results into a single value. For example, D6 is multiplied by E6 (3 * $310), D7 by E7 (2 * $250), and so on. Then each of those values are summed. For example ($910 + $250 + …).


The result returned in cell I5 is $10,030.