Loan Payment Calculator

A loan payment can be easily calculated in Microsoft Excel using financial functions.

I’ve created an easy to use loan payment calculator that you can download for free. Go to our downloads area to download this calculator for free:

Using this Excel loan payment calculator you can easily calculate the payment for any time of loan with a fixed interest rate in a few simple steps:

  1. Enter the loan amount
  2. Select the payment frequency from the down down menu
  3. Enter the fixed annual interest rate (also called APR or annual percentage rate)
  4. Enter the loan term or length (in years)

Your resulting payment will be displayed below in cell C16.

Excel Loan Payment Calculator

This calculator allows you to calculate payments for loans of any amount, with payment terms varying from monthly/weekly/annually, with a fixed interest rate, and any loan term.

PMT function details

This calculator uses the PMT function (payment function) to calculate the payment based on the variables provided in the yellow cells. See the PMT function for more details about how to use this function. Also see the Financial functions page for more details about using financial functions in Excel.